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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Spring

Hye bloggy!!
Lamak dah sik update my blogg..HAHAHAHAHA!! Because i'm kind a busy..yaaaa
So.. Xda masa nak update2..hewheww
Picture kat atas ya is my sisters.hehe. We hangout together at The Spring for the second time i think.. =='yaaaa
They are form 3 and im the oldest.HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Kakak laaa~

This is my pretty sister. Her name is Nurul Fazira Izlyn.
Cute kannnn?? ^.^
She is form 3 student. *SMK Matang Hilir*
I know her just from FACEBOOK. Hahahah!! But she is a nice girl and friendly.
I consider her as my sister.

This is Nur Amiza. She is also my sister. Hahahaha! Nang lahh banyak adik angkattt.
I know her from FACEBOOK alsoo..hewhew.

Yeayyyy!! Finally! I meet my SUPERMAN!!
I miss him sooooooooooooooooo much. hahaahha!
He already big and taller a bit than me ==' not fair...ergghhhhh!
But its okay. I still look tall. hehehehe :)
Even i already finished my school i always contact him. He still my brother.


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