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Work as designer and photographer.Just a simple girl..love to make friends :)

Best Friend Forever :)

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someone who is always there for you.

will take the blame for you just because.

rarely get into fights...if you have one it lasts literally 5 minutes.

someone who can cheer you up when all seems hopeless.

The one person you question why your friends with because when your together you both act weird and crazy and insane.

The person you never get sick of seeing and can spend like a month together and still not want to part.

Someone who you have a million inside jokes with and basically every sentence you say you crack up because an inside joke comes up.

The person you know will never stab you in the back or talk about you badly or hurt you in any way.

The one who is with you through thick and thin or when your between a rock and a hard place.

There is so much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is most important to have one true best friend than have thousands of fake friends!!