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Monday, December 26, 2011

Graduation Day!!

Long time no see kan?? Hehe. Before this busy dengan Festival Mutiara Seni..hmm

And this time i want to story about the day .. GRADUATION DAY :)
All happen soo fast kan?? hmm.. This is our last day kteorang jumpe. After this semua pergi ke haluan masing2... I miss all my friends termasuk SSeJB friends :) Walaupun 2 weeks je kteorang dapat spend time bersama, to me thats not enough :'( Terlalu banyak kenangan dalam masa 2 minggu kteorang kat JB and Shah Alam. One day i want to meet all my friends again. To all my friends take care okay.. Love you! :')

Seni Visual Student :)

Me & Ali

Me & Amzar (kecik)

Me & Mirul

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Festival Mutiara Seni :D

HEY you all!!! :)
This is our last performance for all form 5 students SEKOLAH SENI MALAYSIA at
UiTM Shah Alam
I miss this moment and it will be a sweet memory forever.
Thankyou for support us :)

It's show time :D



With my lovely sister Ayumi